About Us

The Three Mosquitos are Matt - K2ATV, Lou - K2TAC and one trying to get the ticket.  We met through the Local Repeater and Club.  And now we're the best of Friends.  We started making and testing out DIY antennas at local parks.  Now we're selling them and having a Ball.

Being new in the Hobby, we All pretty much took to Portable Operations quickly.  Seeing the cost of ham radio gear encouraged us to just go the DIY route.  Seeing the importance of being Prepared for the unexpected just fueled our desire to be able to operate "Off Grid".  With these parameters in place we're always looking for ways to streamline our gear.  

So that's why we created The Three Mosquitos for the Portable Operators.  We'll continue to grow, as we see the need bringing more products to the table.  So visit us frequently.  You'll never know what you'll find and your supporting Local Active Portable Ham Radio Operators.  

73 from Our Families, to Yours. 

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