End Fed Random Wire Antenna

The “Mosquitos End Fed Random Wire Antenna” is designed and built for the Portable Operators, the POTA Community, the Emergency Communications Operators.  And well, just for those that like the great outdoors.  

With its relatively small size, it can fit in even the smallest pockets of your radio Go-Bags, yet can be one of your most effective antennas.  It can be easily deployable in different configurations.  Its been field tested by our POTA, and portable operation enthusiasts.  And built with quality material. From the stainless steel hardware, to the reputable companies that we source our toroids from.  Down to the wire that we source from Sotabeams, in the UK.  An absolutely incredible product from a great company.  

Our products are hand made right here in the “Good Old USA” by “Ham Radio Operators.”

It’s great for QRP and the power hungry 100 watt radios that many Hams bring out in the field.  An absolute must have for Field Day, POTA, EmComm, ARES, RACES, camping, or just some radio time.

We supply an ample 29 feet of wire and three, 33 foot long counterpoise wires.  The counterpoise wire can be cut in half so that you'll have six, sixteen and a half foot wires which would be easier to deploy in tight spaces.  Its power rating is 110w PEP SSB, 50w CW, and about 25-30w Digital.  It is built on a 3D printed winder for packing convenience.  And has a 9:1 unun transformer matching unit built right on it.  This brings the impedance down from 450 ohms down to the 50 ohms our radios just love to see. 

Provided are also the readings taken from our NanoVNA sweeps.

This “Mosquitos End Fed Random Wire Antenna” has lower than 5:1 SWR on 40 through 6 meters with a tuner needed on most bands.  It can be deployed in many configurations.  We include one O ring for setting up as a Sloper, Inverted V, or L configurations.  Use your favorite way of launching it in a tree with the provided carabiner on top as the insulator.

We’ve designed and tested this antenna with the perimeters described above.  Any alterations or over power usage that exceeds what is described in this informational flyer may damage the antenna, and or, any equipment that you have connected to it and by doing so, you do at your own risk.  We therefore are not at fault for any damages brought on by negligent use of our product.  

We’re making these products because of our love for the radio hobby and our dedication to the Ham Community.  Especially the Portable Operators.  We hope that you enjoy our antennas and tell your friends.  Get out there, and enjoy the hobby!  

73 from our families to yours.