Roll-Up Slim Jim J-Pole Antenna

The new addition to the Three Mosquitos lineup.  The Three Mosquitos 300 ohm Roll-Up j-Pole Portable Antenna.  Great for POTA, SOTA, Portable Operations, Em-Comm, Mountain Toppers, casual park transmitting.  While it is a great 2m antenna, it also works somewhat well on 440.  It's designed for anyone that just wants more out of their HT.  Great for the Ham's that live in apartments, HOA's, Condo Dwellers, etc.

Built from 300 ohm twin lead antenna wire.  It's about 140 cm in length, with 10 ft of rg174 coax.  Terminated with a male bnc connector.  Rated to handle 10 to 20 watts of power.  It also has about a 3 db gain above a stock rubber duckie antenna.  SWR is as low as 1.3.1 on 2m.  And as low as 1.7.1 on 440.